Complimentary Limo Service

mobileMorgan Orthodontics has partnered with Reston Limousine to introduce our Ortho Limo Service. We are currently serving these schools: Belmont Ridge MS, Harper Park MS, Smarts Mill MS, Simpson MS, Trailside MS, Eagle Ridge MS, Farmwell Station MS.

Our service picks your child up from school during their class, lunch or resource time, bring them to our office for their arch wire change appointment and returns them safely back to school.

We hope this is convenient for parents & their busy schedules. This is a complementary service provided by Morgan Orthodontics.


Itero™ Digital Scanning

iteroAt Morgan Orthodontics, our patients deserve the best when it comes to dental technology and orthodontic treatment. So we are proud to offer cutting-edge iTero digital scanning technology. This scanner eliminates the need for uncomfortable and messy materials to make traditional dental impressions, promoting a more relaxing and comfortable patient experience. This is especially useful for children with sensitive gag reflexes.

With iTero, our orthodontists can quickly capture detailed, 3D photographs of each tooth, which saves you invaluable time and money over the course of your orthodontic treatment.



AcceleDent™ System

acceledentImagine seeing your new smile 50% faster… Now you can! The AcceleDent™ System is designed to reduce treatment time. The mouthpiece is light, comfortable, and hands-free. It can be used 20 minutes a day while reading, watching television, listening to music, and doing school work. It is compatible with braces for both adults and adolescents. In a controlled clinical trial, the microvibrations the Acceledent System creates has proven to accelerate tooth movement by  38%-50%.



Instructional Videos

Taking Care of Braces:

Learning to use an RPE/Expander:

A New Me Interview