Our office works to provide excellent care for all our patients, from adults to children. We usually recommend that patients first visit a orthodontist by the age of 7. When they come to our office for their first appointment, our orthodontists may then recommend a series of early orthodontic treatments. These help address serious orthodontic problems early, while they are still easy to treat. Early treatment also helps prevent the problems from worsening as the child ages. Usually, these treatments are broken up into two phases: phase 1 and phase 2.

Phase 1 uses a variety of orthodontic treatments and appliances, depending on the needs of the patient. When your child comes in for their appointment, Morgan Orthodontics will examine the mouth and come up with a treatment plan. Whether that includes an orthodontic expander, braces or other appliances, Dr. Kelly Morgan or Dr. Steve Garrett will work with you to determine the course of treatment.

Early, phase 1 treatment not only helps improve the look of your child’s smile, it also helps the teeth and jaws align properly. If left untreated, misalignment can lead to development problems, as well as difficulty speaking, chewing or eating. Help ensure your child’s smile today; call 703-723-5900 (Lansdowne) or 540-667-5446 (Winchester) for an appointment with our orthodontists to discuss phase 1 orthodontic treatment in Lansdowne and Winchester, Virginia.