There are many types of retainers that orthodontists use, and we are able to use our on-site lab to make these different kinds of retainers. Our lab technician at Morgan Orthodontics works with each patient to get the perfect fit, no matter which type of retainer is used.

Essix (clear) Retainer — Good for a few years, this clear retainer (similar to an Invisalign tray) is a favorite amongst many of our patients.
Hawley (metal) Retainer — Tried and true, Hawley (metal) retainers can last a very long time (many years) and are a classic in orthodontic retention.
Fixed (permanent) Retainer — This retainer is typically placed on the lower front six teeth. It is nice because you cannot forget to wear it. However, you do have to floss around it and they normally cannot be placed easily on the upper teeth.
Nightguard/Retainer Combinations — Ask our orthodontists how to combine the two appliances! Unfortunately, nightguards frequently do NOT hold teeth straight. Dr. Kelly Morgan, Dr. Steve Garrett or Dr. Marie Coffelt can add a night guard to your retainer if you require both.

If you have questions about your retainer, or if you would like to plan an appointment to receive your retainer in Lansdowne and Winchester, Virginia, phone 703-723-5900 (Lansdowne) or 540-667-5446 (Winchester). A member of our office can answer your questions or schedule for you to meet with our orthodontists.

We also offer a Retainer Insurance Program to help you replace lost or broken retainers. Learn more about this program here: