Because wearing a retainer is an integral part of successful orthodontic treatment, Morgan Orthodontics provides a “Retainer Insurance Program” to eliminate any delay in replacing lost or broken retainers due to expense. The program allows patients to receive up to eight retainers a year for six years! The additional retainers can be made for any reason: to replace lost, broken, and dirty retainers, or just to have “back-up” retainers on hand (a perfect solution for travel or students going to college!).

Retainer insurance can be purchased at the start of treatment, end of treatment or when your need to replace a retainer.

For more information about our Retainer Insurance Program or to make an appointment with Dr. Kelly Morgan or Dr. Steve Garrett, our experienced orthodontists in Lansdowne and Winchester, Virginia, give us a call at 703-723-5900 (Lansdowne) or 540-667-5446 (Winchester).