Morgan orthodontist is great! I’m a patient at Morgan orthodontist and everyone is very nice and friendly. I like how they give us contests to do while everyone is stuck at home.
– Audrey

Dr Morgan and her team are super nice and do a great job!!!!!
– Luke Chambers

I love Morgan orthodontist because they are so kind and nice and they take care of me and my teeth
– Ashley Royer

I love love love her and her team they are so sweet and encouraging!!!!!
– Nazareign Williams

Highly Recommend!!
– Michele Evans

Amazing job, takes care and makes sure teeth are in the perfect order, always recommending Morgan Orthodontics.
– Ella Turk

Dr Morgan is very trustworthy and skilled, friendly staff, nice office.
– Neomi Gruntman

They are always so nice and tell you what they are doing
– Logan Schaffer

This is my second child going through the braces experience. Dr. Morgan and her team are the very BEST! They take the time to thoroughly explain the treatment, as well as the entire process. We have never had to wait in the lobby for more than 5 minutes which is critical because of our busy schedules. And of course, everyone is so friendly!!
– Alysa

After learning my daughter was ready for braces, we decided to visit a few orthodontists to compare services. We decided on the spot to choose Morgan Orthodontics after meeting with Dr. Morgan, and we couldn’t be happier. My daughter’s braces are now off, and her teeth are perfect! The entire experience has been seamless.
– Vicki

Dr. Morgan is the best orthodontist! She and all of her staff are professional, kind, warm, and always make you feel as though you are their top priority. Dr. Morgan did a beautiful job straightening three of our children’s teeth. We wouldn’t consider going to any other doctor.
– The Knepper Family

I am so grateful to Dr. Morgan and her staff for being so kind and professional with me. I am so happy with the results and its been a pleasure to do my treatment here. I will recommend Dr. Morgan to everybody.
– Claudia

Not only wonderful but accommodating when we had the wrong apt time!
– Jacob

First, apologize for being late. Despite the excellent reminders, I still wrote the wrong time down. The staffs handling of our tardiness was very nice, they left a message at home and I didn’t realize we were late instead of early. very much appreciated. Also, I had the opportunity to watch the staff interact with a variety of kids, from the completely laid back to super squirmy. They were uniformly wonderful with the kids. I also noticed how well they all worked together, excellent interactions and teamwork. Seems like a genuinely nice place to work. My son was a little apprehensive about getting his braces. When the staff found that out, they went out of their way to answer any questions he might have and reassure him. While he wasn’t thrilled to walk out with braces, it was a thoughtful, caring experience for him.
– Ryan

This practice is run effectively by smart and friendly professional women that deeply care for their patients with a great positive demeanor! From the moment you walk in, you quickly see that every member of Morgan Orthodontics is a team player making this practice a cohesive group working towards a same goal-giving their best service to their patients!
– Jessica

This was a great visit. Moving isn’t easy but it sure helped to be reassured this will be a smooth transition to continuing her treatment.
– Hailey

It’s always a friendly atmosphere and never feels like a burden when we have an ortho appt. The office is always clean and convenient to get to b/c it’s on the first floor near the building entrance.
– Sylvia

This is our second child seeing Dr. Morgan – that says it all!
– Wren

This is an outstanding practice! Every department & employee provides high quality, competent and friendly service. It is a pleasure for us to receive orthodontics from Dr Morgan and her staff. Thank you.
– Christopher

We continue to be very happy with the progression of our children’s teeth through the professional care of Dr. Morgan. She is very professional and explains the orthodontic care of our children with ease. The staff at Morgan’s Orthodontic office are amazing and genuinely welcoming when you come to the office.
– Ryan